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We've Been Using our Hair Products Wrong!

This might come as a shock, but everything we know about hair is wrong. Are you ahead of the curve, or still stuck in the Stone Age?

1. Dry Shampoo. We all know to put dry shampoo in our roots to soak up all the grease---but did you know you're supposed to blow-dry out the excess product once you've worked it in? According to Christian Wood (Olivia Munn's stylist), this step is crucial in achieving a Hollywood level look.

Blow-out your excess dry shampoo for a Hollywood-level look.

2. Hair Masks. We use hair masks on a night in with maybe a chick-flick and some wine, but consider using hair masks BEFORE you work out--not after. Your sweat can dry out your hair because of all the salt in your sweat. The added moisture of the hair mask can stop the sweat in its tracks.

3. Cold Blast. For many, the cold blast feature on our hair dryers is to set curls, but did you know that this feature can also help your hair shine? However, you must only do this when your hair is completely dry, otherwise you get a fizzy mess.

4. Conditioner. This might be an easier one, but NEVER use conditioner on your scalp. This will not only deplete all of your dry-shampoo reserves, but will be a rotten mess to deal with because it will also weigh your hair down. Natural oils will keep your scalp moisturized and hydrated---so let nature do its thing.

5. Shampoo. If you regularly dye your hair, you should be using a colored shampoo. Blonde gets dull overtime and redheads need a constant infusion of red to stay away from becoming a mahogany color. Blondes, use a purple shampoo. Reds, use a red shampoo.

Blonde get dull, use purple shampoo.

6. Hair Towel. This one might be a little crazy high-maintenance, but if you have time, towel-dry your hair before you put in your conditioner. Too much water can stop the conditioner from penetrating your hair shaft---i.e. you'll be wasting product otherwise.

7. Leave-in Conditioner. Throw your leave-in conditioner in the fridge. Sounds crazy? Maybe, but it's science. The cool temps of the product will help seal the hair cuticle so you can shine all day.

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