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The Lazy Girl's Guide to Perfect Hair

We've all been there---maybe we have a tight schedule this week or just can't be bothered to go all out on your hair.

1. Want: Curls, Problem: No Time. Use a little dry shampoo before bed, and sleep with your hair in a bun for beautiful, bouncy curls the next day.

Thinning hair? Consider getting highlights.

2. Want: Volume, Problem: Thinning Hair. If your hair is thinning or lacks volume, consider adding highlights. It will make your hair look fuller because it can swell the cuticle of your hair.

3. Want: One More Day, Problem: Hair Looks Too Greasy. Need just one more day without washing? Put your hair in a low bun with a thin layer of pomade on top so it looks sleek and not greasy.

4. Want: To Re-live Yesterday's Hair, Problem: It's Tomorrow. Spritz your hair with a little water bottle because it will reactivate yesterday's product.

5. Want: NYFW Hair, Problem: No Time. Pressed for time? Try a texturized pony. Put your hair into three buns Daisy Ridley style, set with a diffuser, and shake your hair out for the pony of dreams.

3 Buns + a Diffuser = Texturized Pony

6. Want: A Do-Over, Problem: No Time. Did you put in too much product? Use dry shampoo to soak up your mistakes.

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