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How to Keep Your Color

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

So you've just come back home from the salon and you can't stop looking at yourself in the mirror. You're absolutely in love with your color, and you're ready to protect it like it's your newborn baby.

Master Tip: Store your leave-in conditioner in the fridge to seal your hair cuticle after you wash your hair.

1. Don't wash your hair everyday.

If this is your first time hearing about the 'don't wash rule,' you might be a little put off by the idea. It's against everything we've ever known; but trust us, it's the fastest way to loose shine and your color. Depending on your hair type, your hair should be getting a break every 1-4 days. For fine hair, wash every other day. For curly hair, every 4 days or once a week depending on your oil build-up.

2. Step away from the scalp.

Conditioner is made for the hair, not the roots. The roots are already pretty well moisturized because the hair their is basically brand new. If you do--you'll just end up getting a greasy scalp or worse, dandruff.

3. Use a protective heat spray.

If your regularly blow dry, iron, or curl your hair, this is an absolute must! It protects your hair from drying out.

4. Use a protective sun spray.

If you spend any more than 15 minutes in direct sunlight during the week, you need to make sure your hair has it's own SPF. The fastest way to lose the luster in your color is by the sun. The sun can be your worst enemy, especially if you have red hair.

5. Use a 'leave-in' conditioner gel.

This will keep your hair moisturized while your hair is dry, preventing split-ends and fading of your color. And if you can, put that leave-in conditioner in the fridge to seal the cuticle.

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